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A Good App for Triangle pictures! Don't forget to update

You can figure this out if you use it for a while. Use the SVG export to get high-quality pictures ( S = scalable Vector Graphics , Remember? ) Perhaps more settings for the auto triangulate?

Cool app but has its problems

My main issue is when I save a picture, it always saves upside down and inverted. Very frustrating

Great start a few tweaks and this will be useful

I showed this to my modern quilt guild and they got excited until they tried to use it. The automatic triangulate is neat. But it usually creates over complicated views. So the erase feature which I think is supposed to join or remove points between triangles is necessary. However, The erase feature doesn't seen to work at all. This is a great start to what could be a really useful app for artists such as quilters or painters. Please please keep going with improvements. I know I can get at least 50 people in my guild of 800 to use it. I would even use it to teach a class on paper peicing. Would be nice too, to be able to limit the number of colors that the app could use to do its triangulation.

Where is the manual

Lol how do u use this app, when I make photo into triangles it doesn't come out clear

Great potential

This app is super cool! But it needs a little fine tuning. First, it needs instructions. Second, the tools make the app freeze but that can be fixed I'm sure. I'm not sure what the tools do yet because of this, and here is where the instructions will help. Third, having an option where the details in the pic were more clear. Other than that, super cool app and worth the $0.99.

It's worth it

You can send the files as svgs. and open them in illustrator. This is pretty good I used to have a script that would create this from me. If you could zoom in to the image to creat point I would give it 10 stars

Low Res and inverted?

Let me start with the positives.... It's a one of a kind app, with amazing graphical potential. Very cool. But - it needs a high resolution export. The images are just too small to be useful for printing and things like that. And - when I save an image.... It always save upside down. Why?

Needs High Res

The features of this app are awesome. Really great to use it in designs or as wallpapers and stuff. However, High Res is absolutely essential and completely lacking! Also, the exporting is still weird. It needs to export with the line and point features that we're able to select. It looks like there's only one export option.


I love this app


Awesome results! Latest update fixes the blank image problem.

Can't save photos.

Only exports black screen after a year of no updates. SVG files won't open with any program.

Great fun, adjustable effects, but...

This app is still exporting a blank, black to my camera roll, but I can send an email to my laptop with the usable vector image.

Would be nice

But only exports as a black image

Very interesting

Cool idea, produces nice results. Give it a try.

Great App!

Cool photos are created from your photographs. Lots of customization options and export to SVG! Recommended!

Awesome !

This app produces very cool images. The most important aspect is that you can create them automatically without having to touch everywhere on the screen trying to get the final image to look exactly like you want. SVG export is a nice addition.


This app crashes all the time. Can't save anything. When trying, app fails and crashes. It's a waste of time and I am uninstalling now. Zero rating!!!! No Stars--just Xes :( :( :(

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